• register your city
  • read the rules
  • set up a racecourse/route on maps of your choince (21km)
  • cycle that route yourself (with odometer! mark start and finish to find it on raceday!) to make sure if it is uncomplicated enough, that means it’s fast and the distance is correct.
  • send us your route! but please don’t publish it, take care of equal chances!
  • (option of choice) if you have a strava login, record your ride and create a segment #globalgutz-2016-yourcity / do not publish it before your riders took off! but tell them there will be 21km segment, that they can switch on their trackers.
  • paint huge posters for the checkpoint marshalls. write down the checkpoint adresses. optionally you can create big arrows to indicate the direction aswell.
  • organise at least 6 people to be checkpoint marshalls, holding signs and yelling to the racers. they should have flashlights for the posters to be visible.
  • get together your local messfam on raceday
  • 24th of September raceday:instruct your riders what to look for (poster example f.ex.) and tell them the first checkpoint!
  • start on time!
  • stop the time!
  • take some pictures to share and show your racers, city and weather conditions.
  • hand in your results with timestamps and names – please do so! and do it quick like you raced.

just an example of madrid and their way of putting 5 checkpoints:
Madrid Checkpoint Map

or check the post: berlins-2014-segment-and-found-pictures-of-racecourses